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Nocturnum's Delirium [userpic]
Casualty to currency
by Nocturnum's Delirium (leycho_gaichow)
at October 9th, 2005 (11:48 pm)


My serpentine
What a divine love on silver screen
My heart that lies in your hand
You will still be my man

Death to money

My heart would still bleed
Through all the love that you’ve given me

All thesis years maybe

Soon my life may come to an end
I love you holding my hand
This heart only beats for you
Leave I won’t know what to do

Smile with me in the sun
Be with me all alone

Come out and sing tonight
It will feel like paradise

In your heart you will bleed
The same love that goes through me

It is pure
Full of life
Full of love
So inline

They know its time
I’ve asked several times

Put your heart in my hand
I’ll trust you with the same thing

You know the same
Live with serpentine