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Nocturnum's Delirium [userpic]
by Nocturnum's Delirium (leycho_gaichow)
at October 6th, 2005 (05:47 pm)

To the sky above. I add my 2 cents in.
For the crèches that have been slain.
Had been laying on indulgence.
I add my 6 cents in.

Fairy like dusting on all my atonements.
Shadows of nothings and partial excrement’s.

Feeling this fable style end.
I add my 9 cents in.

A round about corner. A road leading nowhere that mends.
I rise in this surly widow style bush in the dim.

To all that is soulful inside.
To all that is covered in hide.
To all that is breathing and yielding for touch.

I trust in the wilderness to show you this much.

To the moonlight above, I add my 3 cents in.
Floating high to know that this world will win.