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Nocturnum's Delirium [userpic]
“mist over / polish up”
by Nocturnum's Delirium (leycho_gaichow)
at October 6th, 2005 (05:42 pm)

The mistletoe shins and sways in the wind under two souls.
A wet kiss was had as the tears traveled down on sweet cheeks.

Talk was herd about deaths from the past under her breath.
It could have been worse, but the kiss was his first on this eve.

Should I or shouldn’t I fall in love with this fool.
A man who has seen the dead, fighting to keep his head frank.

Confused am I.
Confused to the point of despair.

Confused am I.
Confused from the blur in the air.

I saw him leave in a daze.
He made it home without feeling the snow in his hair.

Give her a kiss, or something that you’d miss.
Maybe that’s all that she needs.

Wake up, wake up. The pain of the dead is to much.
So sick so sour this taste that was left in my mind.

I know I’m not able but I worry for you as well.
It was real not a dream, it was real you teasing me.

I saw it all, you were their in delight flying free.
Only daydreaming lightly.