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Nocturnum's Delirium [userpic]
suffer secret
by Nocturnum's Delirium (leycho_gaichow)
at October 9th, 2005 (11:59 pm)

Sleeplessness is the mystery
That I keep in my head
When I can not see

I sit up all night long
Waiting for that sonant song to play

Why don’t you know
That in my head
I’m alone

You don’t even know
How I feel inside

I must know
If you were hear for me

Sleeplessness is the mystery
When I can not see

Brain waves begin to weep

Nocturnum's Delirium [userpic]
Someone said [that codeine song]
by Nocturnum's Delirium (leycho_gaichow)
at October 9th, 2005 (11:57 pm)

Miss kitty, its been way to soon
Went to the doctors
Don’t know what to do
Its been way to long

Some one said
Why don’t you take some pills to dull the pain.

Oh oh

Childhood memories
lost in the cave
Poison darts inject me
With sanity
What is a woman left to do

Someone said
Why don’t you sleep your whole life away

Oh oh

Mysteries salved by a man
On TV.
psychotic talk show hosts
And judge Judy
I don’t know what to do

Someone said
Don’t close your eyes or you might miss the world

Oh oh

Nocturnum's Delirium [userpic]
radiance will have a gift for you
by Nocturnum's Delirium (leycho_gaichow)
at October 9th, 2005 (11:53 pm)

The sooner that you go
The sooner our hearts collide
I may be closer to god
But you are all that I love

The sooner that you go
The sooner I will be with you
The sooner out life’s will begin

As long as you stay still
In the spot were you are at
The sooner our hearts turn divine
Like a harmonious glass of wine
I will imbibe you up all the time

The sooner you go
The sooner my heart so yours
The sooner that you will be mine

And light will shine all but down on you

Nocturnum's Delirium [userpic]
by Nocturnum's Delirium (leycho_gaichow)
at October 9th, 2005 (11:49 pm)

Mountains of apple trees
Falling to my eyes
When I look at you
Like I never knew you
We never talked this way before
This way we never cared
But, now we’re in the way
Fruit from the vine
And your still mine
Rotten too the core
My love wants some more
How do you know what heaven fears
Life with out thesis shallow tears
And you I know is gone
In the wind
With no fear

Nocturnum's Delirium [userpic]
Casualty to currency
by Nocturnum's Delirium (leycho_gaichow)
at October 9th, 2005 (11:48 pm)


My serpentine
What a divine love on silver screen
My heart that lies in your hand
You will still be my man

Death to money

My heart would still bleed
Through all the love that you’ve given me

All thesis years maybe

Soon my life may come to an end
I love you holding my hand
This heart only beats for you
Leave I won’t know what to do

Smile with me in the sun
Be with me all alone

Come out and sing tonight
It will feel like paradise

In your heart you will bleed
The same love that goes through me

It is pure
Full of life
Full of love
So inline

They know its time
I’ve asked several times

Put your heart in my hand
I’ll trust you with the same thing

You know the same
Live with serpentine

Nocturnum's Delirium [userpic]
Last part of death
by Nocturnum's Delirium (leycho_gaichow)
at October 9th, 2005 (11:42 pm)

Today I woke up in a daze
I feel like I have been crazed
It’s the end of days
My heart was sucked into your soul
I tried to stand up and be bold
But in this skin I’m to old
It’s the end of days

The blood stops I can’t behave
I drawn in my own pain
I make my couch
And get out of the house

Today I finally felt ashamed
I felt like I’d been slain
It’s the end of days

Nocturnum's Delirium [userpic]
by Nocturnum's Delirium (leycho_gaichow)
at October 6th, 2005 (05:49 pm)

Don’t lie.
You’ve been hiding.
Glaring at his feet.
You keep missing each other.
Hands shaking.
Deep in your pockets.

Nocturnum's Delirium [userpic]
by Nocturnum's Delirium (leycho_gaichow)
at October 6th, 2005 (05:47 pm)

To the sky above. I add my 2 cents in.
For the crèches that have been slain.
Had been laying on indulgence.
I add my 6 cents in.

Fairy like dusting on all my atonements.
Shadows of nothings and partial excrement’s.

Feeling this fable style end.
I add my 9 cents in.

A round about corner. A road leading nowhere that mends.
I rise in this surly widow style bush in the dim.

To all that is soulful inside.
To all that is covered in hide.
To all that is breathing and yielding for touch.

I trust in the wilderness to show you this much.

To the moonlight above, I add my 3 cents in.
Floating high to know that this world will win.

Nocturnum's Delirium [userpic]
“mist over / polish up”
by Nocturnum's Delirium (leycho_gaichow)
at October 6th, 2005 (05:42 pm)

The mistletoe shins and sways in the wind under two souls.
A wet kiss was had as the tears traveled down on sweet cheeks.

Talk was herd about deaths from the past under her breath.
It could have been worse, but the kiss was his first on this eve.

Should I or shouldn’t I fall in love with this fool.
A man who has seen the dead, fighting to keep his head frank.

Confused am I.
Confused to the point of despair.

Confused am I.
Confused from the blur in the air.

I saw him leave in a daze.
He made it home without feeling the snow in his hair.

Give her a kiss, or something that you’d miss.
Maybe that’s all that she needs.

Wake up, wake up. The pain of the dead is to much.
So sick so sour this taste that was left in my mind.

I know I’m not able but I worry for you as well.
It was real not a dream, it was real you teasing me.

I saw it all, you were their in delight flying free.
Only daydreaming lightly.

Nocturnum's Delirium [userpic]
by Nocturnum's Delirium (leycho_gaichow)
at October 6th, 2005 (12:10 am)

My sensitive throat
And the way I breath

Your insecurities is the way we feed

The tainted lust.
Our welding power

Knowing this all turns life sour.

Feast off the pigs
Feast off the flesh

Reading you is what I do the best

Fingertips dance
It’s a fleet of disease

Your insecurities is the way we feed

Just a little
Just a lot
Just a figure in the not

Peace of mind
A peace of you

This is what we were born to do

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